ELENA MALEC was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1954.

She started drawing at an early age in graphite, colored pencils, watercolor and ink.

For several years while in public school Elena dedicated many hours to drawing and painting and art was her childhood passion.


A graduate from the University of Bucharest with a MA in modern languages, Elena pursued a career in education and research.


Without a formal training in art she eventually followed her passion for drawing, sketching, doing watercolor at different ages.

Elena lives with her husband in Irvine, California where she spends her time writing poetry, doll making, designing web pages.


From 2008 Elena resumed drawing and painting on a daily basis learning and studying art on her own.

Her practice with different media and techniques lead to a quick progress visible in most media she is now working:

 pencil, pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, mixed media.

Art is for Elena an expression of her freedom of creating from imagination but also inspired by daily subjects,

still life, her travels photographs,

the beauty of nature, the human and animal features in portraiture.

Whether is charcoal, watercolor, pastels or colored pencils

each medium is approached by the artist in its unique spirit to convey serenity, beauty, joy of color and shape.

Elena believes art is a realm of beauty and harmony  and art’s mission is to inspire meditation, bliss, positive energy, peace.




Elena Malec is a member of Orange County Fine Arts.OCFA





Elena’s first public recognition of her talent was the publication of her artwork “For her” in the digital version of Tiferet Journal,

 in October 2010.


Elena Malec won a special recognition with her work “Rock roses” in the Nature Art Exhibition – June 2011 on

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery


Elena Malec’s artwork published in the printed issue XIX, summer 2011 of  Tiferet Journal.


Elena Malec’s portfolio published in Art Network News Quarterly.


Art and a short bio published in the inaugural edition in print and online of Shangri La Shack literary journal


Featured artist in Tiferet Digital Issue November 2011


Published in Tiferet Digital Issue December 2011


Featured artist by the arts magazine Yareah 2012


Published by the South African magazine, Art for Humanity on their facebook page and blog


Published poetry and art in Yareah magazine,  New York Peace for our children


Yareah magazine http://yareah.com/?p=5305





May 18-July 1, 2011- The Artist’s Eye - her first juried art show and group exhibition with OCFA


July 9 –September 2, 2011 – Nature morte, group exhibition OCFA.



September 24, 2011 –  Drawn Together, inaugural exhibition at Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy.


October 22, 2011- January 7, 2012 - Peace project – group exhibition California, New York, London The Peace Project


November 2011-March 2012 - Group exhibition – Heller Chiropractic Spa – Costa Mesa, California


February 2012 –  Tiny Art for your Valentine -  group exhibitionAvantgarden art gallery – Santa Ana, California


May-July 2012 Artist’s Eye – group exhibition – OCFA.


Artist’s Eye prize winner


First Place for Pastel – Linda cubana


Honorary mention mixed media- Tea Time

- -

May 31-June 3 2012 Segerstrom Concert Hall – Ode to Joy



July 28 – August 25 2012 group exhibition Irvine Fine Arts center


May – July 2013 Artist’s Eye – group exhibition OCFA


Honorary mention  - Black Beauty


June-August 2014 Artist’s Eye – juried exhibition in Southern California


Third Place – African Beauty