Culinary Carving and Decorations

by Elena Malec


Cactus pear, tomatillo, basil leaves




Dill pickle, roasted red pepper, carrot




Dill pickle, cherry tomatoes, coconut flakes



Yam, capers, chive



Parsnip, radishes, capers





Parsnip, carrot, capers, bell pepper




Yam, red onion, radish



Pinnocchio head out of tomato, celery, bell pepper, capers







Kivi and almonds



Plum and almonds



Strawberry, kiwi,




Palm tree of hearts of palm, capers, avocado

Turkey of yam and cactus pear



Palm tree of banana, kiwi, raisins




Banana, kiwi, raisins





Plum and apple



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