Bucharest, my birth town



Bucharest in 1901






My great grandparents with my grandmother age 4, in  Bucharest, in 1910.





My grandmother(shown here in a white organdi dress)with two friends in the Cismigiu Gardens,

 Bucharest, August 25, 1925.




My great grandmother seated, my grandparents with my mother age 5,

In Bucharest, November 1936.





My grandmother on December 27, 1941, in front of our house in Bucharest.




My mother, Silvia, in Bucharest, in 1951.




Silvia and Octavian Malec, my parents .





Claudia                          Elena                                   Cristina


 My sisters and I.



 Elena Malec,  in an art gallery in Bucharest, in 1988.