The Diary of a Future Chick

by the children at Alexandra’s garden


7 days later


 translated from French by Elena Malec




On April 29 we got back together at Alexandra’s place where we grow a flower garden

and a kitchen garden that we tend to every Wednesday afternoon.

We are so happy to see again our hatchery.


From last Wednesday Alexandra added two more eggs from game hens.

Now we have 14 eggs on the watch instead of 12. We will use an egg candler to

view their fecundation. In a dark room, Alexandra places gently the bottom of

each egg in the light produced by the bulb of the egg candler. If an egg is properly

fecundated it will appear like a big spider. It is the chick taking shape inside…

If nothing appears the egg was not fecundated and it will not give us a chick.

Then we will see instead a clear spot that it’s actually the yolk.

We are going to remove those eggs from the hatchery.

Now we have 12 eggs in out hatchery; they seem fecundated allright.

Which means that we will have in the end 12 baby chicks out of 14 eggs

if they grow well.







The egg candler is a lantern which has a light bulb inside a box;

a small hole has to be made in the box to let the light pass through.

The egg is placed on the beam to view its fecundation.

The light allows viewing inside the egg as it becomes transparent.



If you like the story of the future chick follow this little fellow











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