At sunset on the day of the vernal equinox,

naked-eye stars were drowning and descending

from sky to seashore.

A local made a homeric wheelbarrow
good enough to load Apollo, Castor
and Pollux,

the seven daughters of Atlas, and Sirius

in order to translate them into hexameters

a heroic task he probably performed in a barn,

in Logos, at night.

We don't know whether he had fun

casting the elements in rhythmic forms

without a compass, and always keeping an eye

on symmetry in the sky,

but the bard sealed his divine fixation,

with a sore eyesight,

possibly from the bright

vault of Uranus,

and wandered for the rest of his life

reciting the tale of a ten-year strife,

and the tale of a role-model wife.

Many believed it to be a hoax,
when, in fact, that was
the new harbinger of sunrise
at vernal equinox.


Elena Malec , California 1997