Oops! There was somebody in the kitchen.

I heard a door being slammed behind me. Oh, no!

There must be a hiding place around here, I thought.

“How are you doing today, Chef Jim?”

“Pretty good. Here is your tray, Miss Lucy.”

“Umm, smells good. What’s for lunch?”

“We have pizza, fresh fruit and milk for the kids; pizza for teachers.

It’s on the house.”

“ I’ll take my lunch break soon, then. Thanks, Chef Jim.”




I knew what I wanted to have right away: double portion pizza for teachers.

Is that two slices?

But Chef Jim was still there, his feet in big black Nike shoes, tappity, tappity, tappity on the kitchen floor.

“Hey, sneaky, here is some pizza for you. Come and get it. Ya know what?

I also have a god smell for guys like you when they get close to my kitchen.” I didn’t wait for the second call. Who wants a cold pizza?! Doctor Scott says that I am picky. But I’d rather starve than have cold pizza. Well, that one wasn’t exactly my favorite. It was a vegetarian pizza. I love anchovy, pepperoni and olives pizza. But it was O.K. when I looked around, Chef Jim was taking off in his red Jeep Wrangler. The kitchen was all mine. But I was not hungry anymore. I wished I’d had an ice cream. You just can’t imagine how the freezer’s doors looked like. I mean wait a minute I’m Roy Gilroy, not the Spider Man. I had to give up the idea.