“Hi, Daniel. Did you sleep well?”


“Do you want to get up?”

Daniel nodded sliding on his tummy all the way down to the floor.

“Why don’t you put on your shoes and go to the book corner.”

“Can I fix my cot, Miss Lucy?”

“Sure. You may fix your cot first, and then go to the book corner, choose a book and sit down quietly with your book.”

“Alice it’s time to get up.”

“I want to sleep mooore.”

“Wake up Noriko.”

“Miss Lucy, I need help.”

“Sit down, Shawn.”

Miss Lucy was sitting down on the carpeted floor surrounded by the youngest ones who couldn’t tie their shoes laces by themselves.

Boy, weren’t they lovely!

I never got so close to small kids before. The pouting, the sleepy, the moody little face, the big smiles and the tiny tears filled my Gilroy heart

 with a very special feeling I never had before.

They don’t show this on TV.

Miss Amy leaned over a cot whispering:

 “Come, Elvira. Your friends are getting up.”

“ I’m so tired, Miss Amy. I need to get up slowly.”

“O.K. Oh, you have a new pair of socks. They are so cute.”

“Thank you, you know, my daddy is in Canada but he will be back soon.”

“I see. Now, let’s put on the new socks…”

“No, I can do it myself, Miss Amy. I’m almost four. I can buckle my shoes all by myself. My mother let me choose my dress for today. Do you like it?”

”Oh, yes. It’s very pretty.”