Elena Malec


                                                                                                                     CURRICULUM VITAE




                                                             Born on July 31, 1954 in Bucharest, Romania.





                                                       Graduated from the University of Bucharest,

                                                    Department of Modern Languages – 1979

                                                      Diploma in Philology (equivalent to M.A)

                                                 Specialization: Spanish, English and French

                                                  Languages and Literatures.



                                                                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE



                                                    Teacher of English Language, primary and secondary education – Elementary school –1980;


                                                            Spanish Translator at

                                                                          the INSTITUTE OF STUDIES AND DESIGN FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE CONSTRUCTIONS

                                                                          Bucharest 1983 – 1990;


                                                           Philologist-  researcher at

                                                                               The Department of Educational Theory, INSTITUTE OF EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES,

                                                                               Bucharest, 1990-1992;


                                                          Spanish Teacher at the EMBASSY of SPAIN in Bucharest , 1990-1992;


                                                          Teacher at University Montessori School of Irvine, California, USA, 1992-1993


                                                          Spanish teacher at IES Language Foundation, California, USA, 1994-1996;



                                                          PUBLICATIONS AND COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH


                                                         1984 - Barcelona, Spain – translation (QUADERNS CREMA)

                                                         1989 - Bucharest, Romania – translation (ROMANIA LITERARA)

                                                         1989 - Bucharest, ROMANIA – conference celebrating SEPHARAD’92 held

                                                                                                    at the Embassy of Spain in Bucharest

                                                         1990 Sibiu, Romania – literary criticism (TRANSILVANIA)

                                                         1991 - Bucharest, Romania – literary criticism (CAIETE CRITICE)

                                                         1991 - Bucharest, Romania – articles (REVISTA DE PEDAGOGIE)

                                                         1992 – Bucharest, Romania – articles (REVISTA DE FILOSOFIE)

                                                   1994 - USA collaboration with Dr. Ch. L. Glenn (Educational Freedom in Eastern Europe)

                                                   2010 – published poetry in online magazines, Troubadour 21 and Tiferet Journal.





                                                                       2012 Featured artist by the arts magazine Yareah


                                                                       2012  Published by the South African magazine, Art for Humanity on their facebook page and blog


                                                                       2012 Published poetry and art in Yareah magazine,  New York Peace for our children


                                                                       2012 Yareah magazine http://yareah.com/?p=5305