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                                                   The portrait of the web artist as a middle-aged woman


                                                                       For a CV page go to : Elena Malec’s CV



                                                              I started creating webdesign pages in April 2001.

                                                         Working with java effects, flash and animation lead to

                                                   The creation of flash ecards which I offer free from my site:



                                                  In January 2008 I returned to the passion of my childhood:

                                                  Drawing.I have been drawing ever since exploring with

                                               Graphite, sketching pencils(conte, sepia, sanguine,) charcoal,

                                                 Oil and soft pastels, crayons, watercolor, colored pencils.



                                                    My daily activity is recorded on my blogs:

                                                                   Art Stepping Stones

                                                                     My joy of colors

                                                      Fuzzy realism – a new art style

                                                      Global village rhymes for dimes

                                                                 Dolls by Elly



                                                              My philosophy blog:

                                                              Values and societies