The Diary of a Future Chick

by the children at Alexandra’s garden



 translated from French by Elena Malec




On April 22, 1998, we went to Mr. Roger’s farm, next to Laurencia’s house in order to look for

six eggs laid by his hens. There were also two splendid  roosters there.









We placed the eggs in the hatchery next to the eggs brought by Thomas from another farm.

They will remain there for 21 days before hatching. During these three weeks we will be following

the evolution of our chicks in several ways. We check marked each egg as we will have to turn them

over twice a day. At the bottom of the hatchery we placed a small basin with some water in order

to  provide the eggs with moisture. When the hen hatches she is feverish and sweating.

The water that we put in the basin will replace this humidity produced by the hen.

Every day she turns over the eggs with her beak. This is for providing the eggs with the warmth

they  need. We will also have to turn the eggs over for her.









If you like the story of the future chick follow this little fellow













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