We arrived in Orange County in the evening.

Doctor Scott took a cab from John Wayne airport.

Very soon we got to Aunt Megan’s house.


 Here, the big surprise!

A toy dog was waiting for us in the doorway. He sort of barked friendly.

I never saw such a funny dog before.

He had starring eyes, a short and wrinkled snout, short legs and a long, straight coat. Aunt Megan called him Guai Guai.

She told us that he was a Pekingese dog.










When we got inside, another surprise was waiting.                            

A silly voice cried out: “Hey, there. How’re ya doin’ folks”.

“Oh, here is old Alvaro”, said Doctor Scott to a small green parrot.

“Hi, Al.”

“Hey, there” repeated the pet bird.

“Boys, this is Roy Gilroy from Chicago,” said Aunt Megan to Guai Guai and Alvaro. “He will stay with us for a couple of weeks. Please be nice to him.”

I am very shy, you know; I mean when I meet someone.

“Roy Gilroy, you will have good company here,” Aunt Megan said to me.

Then to Doctor Scott:” Don’t worry, Clay; he will be all right.”


This is how all started.