One afternoon, right after my usual nap, I had a feeling that something great was going to happen to me. So I sniffed the wind. “I can’t smell Guai Guai around,” I said to myself. I sniffed the wind again and smelled his trail.

And I found myself in the street.



  “Now, let’s see where is Guai Guai hanging about.” I crossed the street quite carefully and rather fast like a city cat. And guess what?

Guai Guai was right at the entrance of a school.

I got closer tiptoe or tip paw as in most secret missions with detective cats.

So I could see Guai Guai lying down at the front door, and wagging his foolish tail at everyone.



  The parking lot was packed; cars, vans, even a limousine.

It was pick up time. Parents were hurrying in and out of the school building. First I saw a small freckled boy pulling his father by the sleeve:

 “Daddy, daddy, come! Look, ‘dis is Guai Guai. Hi, Guai Guai.”




” Hi, Guai Guai,” said the tall freckled father.

A happy looking black girl with braided hair patted Guai Guai on his head, showing her shinny braces in a smile.

 ” ‘ dis doggie come everyday to school, Mom.”








A toddler’s dad pulled his son closer. He stroked Guai Guai:

“Good boy,” he said. “Love kids? See Sean? He is wagging his tail at you.

It means he likes you. DOGGIE LUVES SEANNY.”

“Dog-gie lu-ves Sea-nny,” repeated the toddler.


Silly, silly, SILLY, I grumbled. I mean. I was there, and nobody, nobody paid any attention to me. I can swear I was not jealous. I only felt humanly unhappy.

The kids were waving little hands back to him:

“Bye, Guai Guai, see you tomorrow!”

“Take care.”

“See you, doggie.”

I asked myself: Am I a pet or not? Of course, I am a pet. A cute lovable pet, I suppose. So why Guai Guai? Why not I?

My feelings were deeply hurt. That ruined my evening and also my night sleep.