The next morning I woke up earlier. And I decided to plan my day. I have to admit this is NOT an easy job for me. I said to myself:

“ I must get to school before Guai Guai.”

Tip pawing I managed to fade out almost like the Cheshire cat.



“Ah, what a fine morning! Yeah,” I thought “ this is my kind of weather; Southern California style.”

I was not the only happy purrson in the street.

Two baby squirrels were chasing each other or maybe hiding from me.

I can’t tell for sure. They were so funny and playful! I couldn’t help smiling.




I passed a house with a hummingbird feeder hanging in the patio; then another one, and another one. A sweet fragrance of gardenia was in the air.

The wind or morning breeze, I should say, brought to my ears soft tinkles of chimes. I could even see a birdhouse in a patio. I stopped to take a look.




But no birdie came out. I had to hurry to school. Oops! A hurry-scurry rabbit crossed my way. It was so quick. The next second, he was gone. 

I only heard the dogwood shrubs rustling.                       



I enjoyed my morning walk very, very much. I got to school just on time.

There was a group of late parents dragging sleepy kids along.

The kids were carrying big toys, pillows, plants and other stuff.







I gracefully slipped by among teddy bears and dinosaurs. What a thrill!