The problem was that every other day Aunt Megan could find the ball under his feathers; this made her think that Alvaro began to lay eggs.

So they started fighting because Aunt Megan wanted to show his eggs to the ladies from a support group for endangered species.

But Alvaro didnít let her take his egg away from him

because he was afraid of those ladies;

thatís why he pretended he was hatching it,

actually, the ping-pong ball, you know.

I had to work out a solution for a rush case.

So I turned on the heat to high.

You should have seen Guai Guai,

sticking his tongue out and getting funny with us.

Aunt Megan said she never, ever believed that

Guai Guai could loose his good manners. He became quite sassy.

Just then the smoke detector set off a loud signal.

Aunt Megan ran upstairs first, and then she came running downstairs

because Guai Guai was now barking at the front door

like the latest barking Dog Alarm.

Of course, I joined him meowing and jumping to reach the knob

and open the door.

When Aunt Megan got close rumbling and grumbling,

we heard several kicks in the door.

Aunt Megan took the riffle from the closet,

pulled the trigger, then unlocked and opened the front door.



Surprise! Doctor Scott was standing out there smiling,

armfuls of gifts and parcels from his trip.



It was an evening to remember,

and everybody enjoyed Doctor Scottís treats and goodies.

































††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††