Now I had this feeling that something was missing from my mystery bag,

something soft and fancy.

At my suggestion Alvaro volunteered to get into the mystery bag.
You might be surprised but Aunt Megan liked feeling and guessing, feeling and guessing, and again guessing and feeling for a couple of days or so.

The only bad part was that she couldn’t take out the stuff from the mystery bag.





When Aunt Megan got very, very bored, one evening she plugged the drawstring, I mean the TV cord in a socket in the living room.

I bet you imagine what happened. If not I will tell you.

Alvaro was interrupting all the silly movies with a good health commercial like:

“Eat a variety from each of the FIVE FOOD GROUPS of the Food Pyramid.”

When Aunt Megan switched the volume on mute, Alvaro spat out watermelon seeds all over the place. Then Aunt Megan tried to change the channel but Alvaro started broadcasting the Yellow Pages of Orange County phone book on all channels.

At night the queen pillow was snoring in its sleep; this help Aunt Megan realize how important was to control ourselves.

In a few days I had to change the stuff in my mystery bag because Alvaro ran out of cereals in the food pyramid.

Besides, between commercials Alvaro played ping-pong with Guai Guai, and the ball got stuck in his bill several times. Anytime this happened Guai Guai was barking for a couple of hours or so. That made Alvaro so nervous that he swallowed the ping-pong ball for a change.