I organized the baskets for a task only. For instance, shoes pairing, socks matching, scarves folding, buttons sorting. So I had to remove the laces from all her sneakers and put them in a breadbasket for a sorting job. I did the same with the buttons from her blouses and dresses. As I couldn’t find a second breadbasket, I really got stuck; soon I found that a butter dish would do fine for the buttons.


What I meant was to help her dealing with one difficulty at a time.

 Just imagine the sequence: first finding the matching shoe, next pairing shoe laces, then matching the shoes and their laces.

I guess if every home would be organized the way I did, people looked less foolish when dressed. I mean those guys wearing the right shoe with black laces and the left one with pink laces; or you name the color.


Well, another neat stuff they have in the Children’s House is called the smelling bottles. For this job I removed the labels from all the full bottles in the household. I pasted the labels on the underneath each bottle for the control of error. All Aunt Megan had to do was to figure out where each bottle belonged to by the smell, you know: kitchen, garage, bathroom, or elsewhere.


I was almost done when I remembered the mystery bag.

This is absolutely cute. I love it. As I was in a hurry I grabbed a queen pillowcase for the mystery bag. For drawstring I used the TV cord.

I picked up the stuff, which is real, one item for each shape:

A ping-pong ball for the sphere, the TV set for the cube, the phone book for a rectangular prism, a watermelon for the ellipsoid, the food pyramid for…

you’ve guessed, the pyramid.