Thatís how I started dumping Aunt Meganís duds in a heap right in the middle of her room.

Then I took my snack break. Snack was followed by my after-snack-nap.

When I woke up it was still time to fix Aunt Meganís room.

I thought it would be nice to make her a surprise.

What about giving a new look to an old place?

And because I was missing school so badly, I sort of tidy up thoroughly so that everything would look pretty much like in the Childrenís House.

I started with the drawers and closets.

All I needed were basically a few baskets.

I could find several large ones in the garage.

Laundry baskets work fine.

The idea is that they must be attractive.

So I had to paint my baskets in lively colors like shrimp, honey, peach, olive, cranberry, coffee, banana, spinach, orange, eggplant.

Right, youíve got it. In order to be organic and the real thing I used food dyes.

By the way, my tail works great as a paintbrush.


Next I gathered Aunt Meganís shoes in the honey basket, all her socks and stockings in the coffee basket, all her lingerie in the cranberry basket, all her hats in the shrimp basket; her silk blouses got the olive basket, her T-shirts went to the peach basket, dresses to the eggplant basket and scarves in the spinach basket.


†††††† †††††††