“I need to talk to you, boys,” said Aunt Megan, one morning, to me and to Guai Guai. “To begin with, I want to let you both know that I have got several phone calls from people who care-

“The grocers,” t thought licking my upper lip.

“They said that a toy dog and a fat cat could be spotted around the neighborhood school for the past two weeks.”








 “How spooky!” I said to myself.

“ Don’t tell me. I know exactly who they are. There must be a tiny Pekingese dog, named Guai Guai, and a furred Persian cat know as Roy Gilroy of Chicago, Illinois. Is that correct?” asked Aunt Megan frowning.

“Now, it’s nice so socialize and a school is definitely a good choice. But, stop and think of the dangers of walking out on your own.

You might be caught by hungry coyotes, squashed in the driveway,

kidnapped or get lost.                                                         



Aunt Megan looked very upset.

It’s so sad! You two need to be separated. I will take Guai Guai to the vet for his regular check. Then he will accompany me to my weekly errands.

You better stay home, Roy Gilroy, and think about it.”

No kidding! Aunt Megan closed and locked all doors and windows in the house. Then she put Guai Guai in her Oldsmobile and took off.

For a few minutes,

 I thought of the hungry coyotes,

the cars, vans, trucks

and pet thieves.

Boy, I got pretty scared!

I did get so terribly scared that I tried to hide in drawer

or in a closet.