“GOOD morning, Sheila. You look so PRETTY today.”

“Good morning, Miss Cathy,” sobbed the girl clutching her daddy’s hand.

Daddy gave the teacher a large paper bag:

“Here are crackers, peanut butter, and apple juice,” said Daddy.

“Oh, THANK YOU Sheila for bringing snack today. Thank you,” Miss Cathy said to Daddy.

“And this is the change of clothing for Sheila and the Bunny for sharing time,” said Daddy again.

“I will take care of the bag of clothing. The Bunny goes into the sharing bin. Thank you,” said the teacher.

Miss Cathy gave little Sheila the morning welcome hug. Daddy managed to recover his arm and rushed to the front door.

“Bye, Sheila,” waved Daddy.



Sheila tried to stop her daddy but he was in his car by now.

“I want my daaaddyyy,” she screamed.

I personally respect her feelings. I guess it’s quite unfair to have to get up so early in the morning.

Can you imagine Roy Gilroy in a school, miles from home?

I mean almost everyday: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Oh, thank Heaven I am a pet!


Suddenly my whiskers whirred. My brain commanded: freeze.

I held my breath as somebody’s eyes were starring at me.

“This probably belongs to my children,” the teacher said to herself. She pulled me by my tail and lifted me up in the air. “ A stuffed cat!” she whispered.

Then she tossed me in the sharing bin.





 My nose got between a chenille chick and a woolen lamb. And against everything I sneezed twice. All at once the woolen lamb shook its head: “Baa”.

I managed to pull my nose out to breathe a little. And I remembered to stay still.

Miss Cathy smiled and went in. Two ugly rubber dinosaurs and a hairy monkey were crowding me badly. I tried to find a better spot in the bin next to a Barbie doll. Soon I fell asleep.