A soft tickle on my ear woke me up.

“Guai Guai?”

I heard a groovy buzz around me. “It can’t be Guai Guai.”

I remembered the stuffed toys and the sharing bin.

The tickle warmed my ear again. I half opened my eyes.

Of course, I was still in the sharing bin;

Barbie’s long hair was all over my eyes and ears.

 Her sweet-scented hair was tickling me to death.

I managed to clear my eyesight with my paw.

But Barbie’s nylon hair got tangled in my whiskers.

“Ouch! Silly filly doll!” I looked around.

I was in the sharing bin and the sharing bin was on a desktop.

The room was large and very, very sunny; I should say sunlit.

I could see little tables and little chairs fit only for kids.

And a little sink with a little mirror and little bars of soap the size of a child’s palm. I saw brushes and brooms with short handles and a real dustpan and dusters. There were shelves and cabinets in the room with lots of colorful things some of which I never saw before.

 I could also see familiar stuff orderly arranged on the shelves: one pair of socks, one pair of gloves, table napkins, a lunch box, locks and keys, pitches with water and small sponges, real tableware, cloth pins, tweezers and many, many things. All in small baskets or trays. I got very dizzy from looking around.

What a busy hum…just like that of a beehive! But this was no beehive.



I was in the Children’s House.