Just at that very moment a soft music, a sweet singing came to my ears: “Liiiistennnnn!”

The children made silence. All the little hands and feet stopped moving and the children became quiet and still;

all the little eyes were on Miss Cathy’s face.

“Boys and girls, it’s time to put your work away and then come and sit in circle.”

At once they started pushing chairs under the tables, rolling up rugs, carrying mats, trays and baskets with their tiny things to the shelves. I never thought that children would like tidying up so quickly. I was amazed.

“How do they know what do to with everything?” I asked myself.


One by one, the children sat down in a large circle on the carpeted floor.

Sheila left her beanbag spot and joined them with a big smile.



“Boys and girls, today we have a special sharing time. You may share with your friends something you brought to school because it was so special to you. Miss Amy will bring the sharing stick and the sharing bin into the circle. You pass the sharing stick around, and when your turn comes you may share your words or your special object from the bin.”



I was afraid that someone might see me in the bin. So I ducked under Barbie’s hair. I made a peephole. It was so exciting watching the quiet circle of kids sitting on their bottom with their little legs folded, their little hands resting in their lap, their little eyes on the teacher’s lips.

I had no time to think. Two dark hands covered my sight. I closed my eyes.

 I knew when somebody, maybe Miss Amy, lifted the bin.

And I had to hold my breath once more.