I heard the bin touching the carpet.

From my spot it was impossible to see anything.

I was covered all over with Barbie’s hair.

The toys were crowding me so that I could feel a Power Ranger pressing my tummy. You know what? I can’t stand Power Rangers and I guess he couldn’t stand my tummy.

Doctor Scott says that I am to fat.

Maybe I am a little bit chubby, well, nobody’s purrfect.

I could hear Miss Cathy’s voice again.

“We will start with the girls’ sharing. Sheila, would you like to go first?”

“Yes,” said a tiny voice.

“Please take the sharing stick, Sheila. Did you bring anything to share?”


The next second two little hands were grabbing things from the bin.

 One little hand pulled my ear badly. But I didn’t meow.

Then both little hands pushed my back forward, and a bunch of little fingers tickled me silly searching for something under my furry tail.

 I bet that any other cat would have jumped up meowing. But not me!

 I can do better than that.

I choked down Sheila’s pokes one after another just as a good big Gilroy boy.

 At last she seized a fluffy thing and drew it all the way against my soft tummy. Very ticklish, you know!

”This is my Easter Bunny.”    

“Where did you get from, Sheila?” asked the teacher.

“From daddy. He bought me this in San Francisco.”

“How nice! Does it do anything?” asked the teacher again.


“Now, will you pass your Bunny around for your friends to see it closer?”

I couldn’t see anything from my hiding place.

But I heard Miss Cathy saying:

“Boys and girls please look with your eyes.

Nobody’s hands may touch the bunny. Thank you.”

“What do we say to Sheila?”

“THAAANK YOUU, Sheila,” said the children in a chorus.

“Sheila, please pass the sharing stick to Rachel.”

“Rachel, what are you going to share with us?”

“I have a new kitty kitten.”

“Come and get it from the bin,” said the teacher.

“I know it’s a Garfield kitty cat,” said a boy.

“It’s NOT. It’s a white kitty kitten,” corrected Rachel.

Little hands dived in the sharing bin again.

“Here she is!” said the girl. 

And she snatched her kitty from the bottom of the bin.

 All the toys toppled on my back. ”Ouch” My whiskers got trapped inside an alligator’s big jaws. “Rats !” I had to pull my whiskers out,

and I…meowed.