I just couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my angry meow. I was pretty sure that I spoiled everything. So I froze again and pretended I was stuffed.


I can swear it was not I this time. The children were humming with excitement.

“It meows, it meows.”

“Kitty kitten meowed.”

“Yes,” said Rachel “she can meow when you rub her tummy. That’s because she has a battery inside, see?”

“Meeeou, meeeou.”

Puff, I could breath again.

“Thank you, Rachel,” said the teacher.

“Thaaank youu, Racheell,” added the children.

“Please pass the sharing stick to Leila.”

“I have, I have this-“

“What is that, Leila?” asked Miss Cathy.

“It’s a, it’s a sleeping bag with Princess Jasmine- and has a zipper here that goes all the way down like thiiis…”

“Very nice. Are you going to take it to the nap room?”

“Yes, I sleep in it at home and my mommy takes it for me in the car for the nap time at school.”

“Thank you, Leila for sharing your new sleeping bag with us.”

“Thaank youu, Leilaaa.”

“Please give the sharing stick to Debbie.”

“Debbie, do you have anything in the bin?”


“Would you like to share your words?”


“O.K. Thank you, Debbie. You may pass the sharing stick to Linda.”

“Linda, do you have a special thing to share today?”

“Yes, my mommy bought me this new Barbie doll.”

And Linda removed the doll from my back very gently.

“This is, you see, I have a brush to brush her hair because my mommy said I can’t wash it with baby shampoo or mommy or daddy shampoo just because I need to brush it only and put real perfume and spray on her hair to smell nice. You see, you can smell if you want…”

“Let me smell it!”

“And me.”

“And I want to smell it.”

“Boys and girls, let’s thank Linda for sharing her Barbie with us, and we will continue with the boys sharing in the afternoon.”

Thank youu, Lindaaa.”

Barbie took her place on my back, and the sharing bin was lifted from the floor.

Back on the desktop I could breathe again. I opened my eyes and looked around and I could make myself comfortable in the bin. But something slipped from my back and fell down on the floor with a big noise. I had to close my eyes again pretty scared. Just then something hard and cold hit my head.