I was bluffed this time. No cookie, no muffin, no doughnut came out of the mystery bag. Not even a tiny round dark chocolate chip. What a shame!

Miss Cathy put everything back in the mystery bag and said:

“Now we will try to guess what we feel with our fingers. We may not look inside or even peek.”

As she said so, Miss Cathy slipped her hand inside the bag.

“I can feel a smooth surface of an ovoid. Its size is medium. I can hold it in my palm. Mm, it’s …”

“An egg, an egg,” broke the children.

“Let’s see.”

Miss Cathy put the wooden egg on the table. The children’s faces were filed with joy. They simply loved the game. I have to admit that I loved it, too.

When the guessing was over, Miss Cathy pulled the string of the bag closed and said: “Boys and girls, please follow me with your eyes as I return the mystery bag to its place on the shelf. So, if you want to choose this work, you’ll know where to look for it. Thank you.”

All the little eyes were watching now Miss Cathy. She gracefully walked toward the shelf and placed the mystery bag in its spot without any noise.

“Now it’s time to go outside for playing. Please choose a friend and line up quietly.”

As the children were holding hands and getting in line, Miss Amy came over the desk. I closed my eyes quickly. I could feel the hard cold body of a Power Ranger squeezing me badly. The bin was lifted up again and moved by the door, outside the classroom.