“This is the Mystery Bag,” whispered Miss Cathy.

And she gently pulled the string to open it up.

Then she secretly slipped her hand inside through the small opening.

The children were all eyes. My mouth was watering; I guess I was pretty hungry. Miss Cathy’s fingers were moving inside the bag as they were feeling something.

“It is hard and woody, and has the shape of a cone.”

“Mm, a pine cone,” whispered the children.

Miss Cathy put the mysterious object on the table, and said clearly:

“A pine cone.”

She dived again into the bag.

“There is a small round piece of metal.”

“A button,” said a boy.

Miss Cathy placed it on the table.

“Huh, a coin,” said the children in a chorus.

From the mystery bag came out a pencil,

 a rubber eraser, a sea shell and more.

Miss Cathy touched and felt every object, named it,

and placed it on the table in front of the children.