to  a class of    smiles

from my Montessori  files.


                  This is a virtual                                                                                     Every picture in this House

                 Montessori Children’s House,                                                               tells a story, maybe more.

                 and it is filled with smiles,                                                            Interested to learn?

                 personal projects for preschool                                                   Then click on an image and you will be

                activities, original ideas for lesson                                                right away in this Open House,

                plans, projects and my stories for                                                 in my class, and in a world I love most:

                children everywhere.                                                                                      at SCHOOL.                             



                                                                                 This site invites

                                             teachers, parents,


                                 students in pursuit of a career in education,

                                                   possibly grandparents,

                         to glimpse into a world of early childhood education,

                                        following the Montessori model.

             It is a virtual journey through books, Montessori schools, activities,

             ideas. I find it more truthful to the Montessori philosophy of education

             -inclusion, universality- to offer insight (links) into a variety of schools,

             programs, cultures rather than focus on a specific place and time.

             Many windows in this site open to preschool environments on different

             continents, yet all depart from the same method, use the same didactic

             materials and have the same aim: discover the child and help him

develop his potential for learning independence, responsibility,

respect  for others through self-discipline, study and work.

                                    And you can find yourself at home just because:

the house is a school, the school is a house, the world is a school, and the school is a world

as long as our WORLD will be our HOUSE.

New to Montessori education?Click the picture of the school first.



  (for Spanish readers)      EL MÉTODO MONTESSORI