The Sensorial Curriculum Area includes the didactic Montessori materials in the Sensorial Cabinet that

serve the training of the senses. The technique of sense education in the Montessori method lies in

the isolation of the sense. Its aim is the refinement of the differential perception of stimuli.


Montessori materials cabinet


"The development of the senses indeed precedes that of superior intellectual activity and the child

between three and seven years is in the period of formation. We can, then, help the development of the senses

while they are in this period."  Maria Montessori - The Montessori Method, ch. 14.

General Notes on the Education of the Senses.


Introduction to sensorial


Paper Pink Tower                              My three-period lesson for colors  


As one of the most captivating exercises in early childhood education, the Montessori MYSTERY BAG is an ideal way of developing children's intellectual curiosity, refinement of senses but, first of all, their stereognostic sense.


My mystery bag                            Smell and Tell Fruit Basket


Here is my idea for a mystery bag exercise ( age 3 - 5 )
The Montessori mystery bag:
a handband of velvet, one small silk scarf, a strip of velcro, one small plastic sponge, a child size wool glove, a small wooden measuring spoon.
Two children: one takes out the items from the bag, names only the shape/object and hands them one at a time to a blindfolded child who feels the items and is supposed to name the material.
The blindfolded child is allowed to rub the object against his skin for a better guess.
Extension:  a metal thimble, a plastic one and a porcelain thimble.

Also a wooden object (pine, pencil) and a sandalwood amulet.
A synthetic sponge, a natural sponge (loofa) also known as dishcloth gourd; a sponge (marine animal).
A silk scarf, a cotton bandana, sack cloth.
Note: The preparation is previous work with tactile exercises (fabric feel) and the smelling bottles. Any extension will be useful  for increasing vocabulary and also expand knowledge in the CULTURAL STUDIES Area (loofa, the marine sponges, sandalwood,  etc.